BlackDeal 1.0

Simple yet addictive BlackJack game


  • Simple gameplay
  • Very addictive
  • Neatly presented


  • Poor sound effects
  • No two player mode


BlackJack is one of my favorite parlor games, largely because it's one of the easiest to play.

BlackDeal is a no-frills incarnation of the classic 21 game, setting you the challenge of beating the dealer to win cash. You simply choose the stake you wish to play for then after the dealer gives you your hand, you need to select whether to hit, stick, double or split (the latter two options only being available in certain circumstances.)

The beauty of BlackDeal is in its simplicity. All the controls are done through the directional buttons on your phone, or through the keypad, and the options are very clearly labeled on screen. Graphically, BlackDeal is tidy without being out-of-this-world and the sound effects are a bit thin on the ground.

Unfortunately, there's no multiplayer option in BlackDeal, so you'll have to be content with playing against the computer.

Neverthless, this in itself is an enjoyable and addictive experience, making BlackDeal a great little timewaster.



BlackDeal 1.0

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